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Shimano spark

Shimano spark

Panoramic one-piece lens offers great protection. Great all-round cycling performance.


Lens Technology - Shimano lenses feature a Polyamide (PA) or Polycarbonate (PC) substrate for superior impact resistance, reduced weight, and performance in a wide range of temperatures.
Full UV400 anti-scratch coatings ensure a clear view under all conditions. All Shimano lenses feature decentered optics to provide distortion-free vision that reduces eye fatigue.

Ridescape - Ridescape enhances the riding experience by boosting the visual richness of the environment in various conditions. Poor vision is not only a distraction, it can decrease confidence, increase hesitation, and cause you to misjudge distances or overlook obstacles until it’s too late.

RIidescape scene-specific cycling lenses are scientifically tuned to emphasise colours and highlight the objects and surfaces unique to each riding environment. Environments that would normally be washed out, dull or flat become more clearly defined, vibrant and vivid.

Do your eyes and yourself a favor and take a look into the future.



Single lens design was co-developed with UCI World Team.
Fast, lightweight, and with added wide-view vision.
Reversible nose pad with different thicknesses from front to back for fitting adjustment.
CNC molding for ultimate precision, symmetry, and quality.
Dual injection molded, non-toxic TPE, non-slip temple tips.


Single-lens design for a wide angle of vision and protection.
Cycling dedicated RIDESCAPE lens optimally tuned for greater contrast and clarity in every riding scene.
Full UV400 protection.
Hydrophobic coating increases water-repellency, keeps lenses cleaner.
Special anti-scratch treatment.
Interchangeable lens.
Extremely lightweight and impact resistant Polyamide (PA) lens boosts clarity.


Lens Type RD, GR
Lens Ridescape RD, Ridescape GR
Lens: Spare Lens1 PC clear
Nose Pad Reversible L
Lens Material Ridescape: Polyamide (PA), Polycarbonate (PC)
Accessories Travel box, Eyewear pouch, XL nose pad
Weight 28.3g

What's in the Box?

Travel box
Eyewear pouch can be used for lens cleaning
XL nose pad included

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